It Blocked Out The Sun 37

Bob fired his big gun straight up into the air.  Several bystanders screamed and ran, but the fight continued.  Bob fired three more shots in quick succession.  That got the attention of the fighters, and they paused, mid- punch, to look at Bob.

“Break it up, boys,” Bob grinned, put his gun back under his coat, and pulled out a cigar.  As Bob sniffed and licked at the cigar, it was plain to see that he thought he was a real Wild West peace-keeper type.  In a cheap sports coat.

“Boys,” Bob jammed the cigar into his yap and whipped out a lighter.  “We” suck-suck “don’t” suck-suck “need” suck-suck “any fights around here,” he finished the sentence faster after the cigar was lit.  He grinned again.  “Now, tell ol’ Bob what’s going on.”

“Bob, these fuckin’ sailors came in and started draggin’ the new big titty girl out and bustin’ the place up,” one of the bouncers whined.  I’ll admit that my eyes bugged out a little.  It was just weird to hear a person who was so big and who was obviously so mean whine like a puppy.

Bob cocked his head at the sailors, “Now, why would you fine young defenders of your country want to disrupt a business that way?”

One of the sailors stepped forward and said, “Sir, we didn’t go in there to cause trouble.  We went in there to relax a little.”  It occurred to me that everybody seemed to think peeping at women was relaxing.  Bob reportedly thought it was.  “Then, we saw Trish, here.  We had to rescue her.”

Trish stepped forward, awkwardly.  She was dressed like Kat and Kate, bikini and heels, but Trish had way bigger breasts than Kat and Kate.  She had bigger breasts that Kat and Kate put together.  She had bigger breasts than Kat and Kate and me all put together.  I’d noticed that Trish had big breasts, but I hadn’t realized they were THAT big.  Mike took note as well and said, sotto voce, “I can certainly see why Show World wouldn’t want anyone taking her away.”  I dug him in the ribs with my elbow and got bird shit on the arm of my shirt.

“Sir, these are my brothers,” Trish said.

“Big family,” Bob smirked.

“We are shipmates,” Trish explained.  “We serve together on the USS Saratoga.”

“You are Navy?,” Bob’s interest became keener and less friendly, suddenly.  He took his cigar out of his mouth.  “I met a female sailor just the other day.”

“I don’t know about that, sir,” Trish reddened.  “My ship left me.  I got separated from my shipmates.  I needed somewhere to stay and some way to make a living.  Kat and Kate were kind enough to take me in.”

“I’m disappointed to see,” Bob stuck his cigar back into his mouth, “that the US Navy is producing liars.”  He glanced back at the wall toward us, and he barked, “Kat and Kate, you girls need to watch the company you keep.”

Bob spun on his heel and marched back into Show World.  The bouncers stood uncertainly on the sidewalk, looking at Trish and her band of brothers.  Bob poked his head back out of the Show World door and snapped, “Get back in here!”  The bouncers bounced off of each other in their haste to follow their Bob.

Kat and Kate slid from their haunches to standing positions.  “I guess we should get back in, too,” Kate said.  “Duty calls.”

“You mean ‘doodie calls’, that rat bastard,” said Mike.

“We’ll get out of the apartment, if we need to,” I said to Kat.

She grabbed my hand and squeezed it.  “We’ll see,” she said.

As Kat and Kate scampered back into the building, one of Trish’s brothers took off his shirt and put it over Trish’s shoulders.  “Nothing to see, here,” another brother barked at the crowd.  Trish started crying.  I couldn’t tell whether it was embarrassment or anger or the happiness of being reunited with her shipmate brothers, but Trish stood there in her bikini and heels and she wailed.

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7 Responses to It Blocked Out The Sun 37

  1. kat says:

    I think she is crying cuz she wanted to be in the peep show with Kate and me!

  2. Jaye says:

    I have a gun. Can I shoot Bob?

  3. k8 says:

    Bethel wants to go to work with me ‘n Kat.
    (something about wandering around aimlessly, getting shit on)

  4. T says:

    OK, so Jill is still gone, big-tit Trish is going off with sailors, everyone else are lesbians, and I’m covered with poo. My chances of being written into a steamy love scene are decreasing rapidly… I think in the inevitable film, Bob should be played by Gene Hackman a la ‘Unforgiven.’

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