It Blocked Out The Sun 30

“I knew I should have moved to Hawaii,” Kat moaned.”

“Would you like some tea?,” asked Kate.

“Stop acting like this is your apartment,” Moira growled.

We were all in the living room.  Kat and Kate shared a love seat.  Trish, Moira, Bethel and I shared a sofa.  Lynn, Mike, and Jonathan shared the floor.  We were all exhausted and haggard.  Daylight was coming, and we’d missed a night of sleep, escaping from Manhattan Plaza.  Surviving a primeval disaster in Manhattan really sucked.

“We told you that Manuel gave us this apartment.  He said that the prior tenant wouldn’t be back,” Kat said.

I leaned forward.  “How did Manuel know that Jill wouldn’t be back?,” I wondered.

“He said that she was west of 9th. Avenue.  He said he took her cat to her there before everything got really crazy.  Everybody knows that one of the big birds is over there,” Kate said.

“Oh,” I said.  “So he hadn’t heard anything weird about Jill.”

“What’s there to hear?  You know, we don’t know who you people are.  You people could be anybody,” Kate glared at us suspiciously.  She was currently a little cowed, but I sensed she was actually a tough customer.

“We are Jill’s friends.  She was with us on 9th. Avenue.  This is JILL’S apartment,” Jonathan said.

“So where is she now?,” Kate asked.

“Well, we don’t really know,” I admitted.  “We got into Manhattan Plaza and she disappeared there.

“Oh,” Kat nodded.  “Bob.”

We all leaned forward, then.

“What about Bob?,” Mike demanded.  “What do you know about Bob?”

“Nothing, really.  He’s one of our…clients.  He doesn’t get spells from us.  He sees us for, you know…other stuff,” said Kat.  “He didn’t show up tonight, but he’s usually regular as clockwork.”

“He comes over here to see a peep show NOW?,” I yelped.  “The world is ending, he is running a huge building full of people and he comes over here to peep at women?”

“He says it relaxes him,” said Kate.

“I bet it does,” muttered Moira.

“We provide a valuable service,” Kate jutted her jaw at Moira.

“Well,” I hurriedly said, before Moira could give her opinion of peep shows, “I, for one, am hoping that we can all be friends here and share this apartment in the short term.”

“WHAT?,” exploded everyone.

“It’s nearly daylight,” I said.  “Nobody should be trying to find a place with the sun coming up.  Kat and Kate, we have some things we can share, if you are running short on supplies.”  Moira opened her mouth to argue, and I shot her a look.  “Do we have a deal?,” I asked the witches.

“It seems like we don’t really have a choice,” mused Kat.  “You are here, and there are more of you than there are of us.  If you are willing to share, that is probably the most we can hope for, at this time.”

“You bet your ass it is,” muttered Moira.

Kat stood up.  “I would like to cover the windows, before it gets too late and we forget.”

“Cover the windows?,” Trish asked.

“The birds.  There aren’t really resident birds on this street at this time, but they’ve been smashing into windows all over the city.  Just like the smaller birds do, but the result is way worse.  I don’t know if they would fly into little windows, like we have, but better safe than sorry.”

That was all it took for the whole bunch of us to snap to and start closing blinds and curtains.  I peeked down at 42nd St. as I closed the kitchen blinds and saw that the huge, wild party was breaking up.  New York was now truly a city of the night.

After the windows were covered enough to suit the witches, we shared a small Spam picnic and all divided up to sleep.  Moira made a stink about sleeping with Lynn in the office, but it was brief.  She was too tired to be herself.  I got some grumbles when I suggested that Kat and Kate keep the back bedroom, but it really did make sense.  They couldn’t sneak out past those of us who slept in the living room, and I didn’t want them to sneak out.  I wanted to keep them around, at least for a while.  They could be our ticket to Bob, a vulnerable Bob.  A Bob we could maybe catch with his pants down.  Literally.

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8 Responses to It Blocked Out The Sun 30

  1. K8 says:

    <—cowed, but tough, witch.
    (I'll keep an eye on Bob)

  2. kat says:

    I love to catch men with their pants down, how did you know?

  3. Jaye says:

    Can’t wiat until Bob gets his comeuppance (or pants-downance). But find Jill first!

  4. dee says:

    I hate manuel heh

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